Thank You.
Rockfest at Rutgers University New Brunswick New Jersey with The Dave Nacin Band

Thank You

  • Mom, Dad and Brad
  • Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Herb
  • Uncle Bob, Harriet, Elyse, Laurel
  • Godmother Fran
  • Uncle Marty, Aunt Rita, Marci and Jim
  • Sherry G, Maxine, to all my cousins
  • Hiroko Takaki and the Takaki Family
  • Norifumi Kaneda, Shozo and Kokiko Takabuchi, Shinobu Sato,
  • Yosiaki and Toshiko Nagao
  • King Famous The Musical Warrior
  • I Am The Classic
  • Original Release Date: 2004
  • All words and music by King Famous

Sweet Pea the Manager, Anthony Marrone, The Weinstein Family, Harvey Needles and the Needles Family, Sandy Gertov, Brad Rosen, Deb and Jer, The Axelrod Family, Mike Toth, Georgi, Ravi, Cliff, Big Bill and Family

Jpat, The Lyonhart, David Nacin, Ken Trotta, Union Ed, Kasha K, Liz Hidalgo, Eric, Arnie, Money in Both Pockets, Miss Stephanie, Bailey, Steve, Roman, Chris Williams, Steph Furness, Sky, Doc Bonner, Saeed, Tumulty's, Cafe 52, Rutgers University, New Jersey Transit, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Mr. Clown, The Spitshine Kid, Nick Vegas, Mr. Ra and the Myles Family (Lulu!, Shiah!, X-Man!), Stinky, Dr. Freddie Hatchet, Kaytee Tremper, Michelle Fugate, Michelle Gemmell, Slimey, Keith B, Soviet, Chashama, Jilli, Princessa, NT Ryan, Adam Hughes and The Hughes Family, Marc C., Pete, Mike, DC Kane, Vanessa Ligouri, Bon Bon, Dragon Eddie, Mr. Pants, Anita Durst, The Hacienda Revival, theNOWHERES, the Pox, Jenna Katz, Ali! Ali! Ali!, Brandon B, Whiskers, Old 23, DAI, Doc Bonner, Freestyle Family, HCMF, Jay Baraski, John Murray, Jon Allen, Kara, Leslie, Chris, Nada, Patrixi, Sara Lefever, Sir Shadow, Daniel Falgerho, Vagina Man, the O'Fays, Leslie, Dewey, Logan P. McCoy, Jon Rich, Zack Wilso, Josh Filipowski, Tears, Sylvie Covey, Thomas Markert, Seki Yukiko, the Jungle Brothers, Manhattan Theater Source, the MTA, New York City

From the street to the gypsies to the people in the court to the Queens and Kings-- Let the Music Say Yeah!

Recording Notes

Music for Advertisement for Real Life, I'm from Jerz, They Laugh, Where you are From originally recorded on Carroll Street, Brooklyn, New York

Music for Advertisement for Real Life, I'm from Jerz, They Laugh, Where you are From mastered by HCMF

Keyboards and sounds by Brad Scheller on Advertisement for Real life, I'm from Jerz, Let the Music say Yeah, They Laugh, Where you are From

Vocals recorded by The LyonHart at Wall of Sound, New Brunswick, New Jersey Wall of Sound Engineer: The LyonHart

"See the People" recorded live on 90.3 The Core

"Vallencian Moon" recorded and Mixed at Spitshine Dreams Studio, Lower East Side, NYC

"The Element" recorded at DC Kane's Studio, Studio City, Los Angeles, California

"Live at the Underground Lounge" recorded by Aaron Redlin for the Freestyle Family

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