King Famous in New Jersey with the first digital still camera from Earthlink
King Famous, Kabuki Warrior.

The Gear

Dell Inspiron

Even though the laptop was getting older, it still was working fine for running Soundforge and Acid.

Martin Backpacker

The best travel guitar ever, lent to me by Brandon Blomquist. For some reason people have given me guitars twice in my life without me having to ask for them.

Sony MD MZR90

I used this to record many of the acoustic numbers as well as the separate tracks for 40 Days and 40 Nights.

Sony ECM-MS907

I used this with the mini disc recorder to record acoustic guitar songs.

Wall Of Sound

The Lyonhart's studio where I recorded vocals in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Focusrite Mixmaster

After finding some old mixdowns of my MPC 2000, I handed these off to HCMF to run through the mixmaster. This made the tracks a bit beefier, and I was able to use these tracks on the album.

Liner Notes and Thank You

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